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Ambient Digital Signage “Duct Mimicry”(EN)(デジタルサイネージアワード2023優秀賞獲得作品)

デジタルサイネージアワード2023優秀賞獲得作品 UZbase office / news picks Ambient LED signage design that mimics ducts


■CONCEPT We designed ambient LED signage that mimics ducts.

The LED signage is based on the motif of exhaust ducts placed in the ceiling of an actual building and is designed in the shape of cylinders and rectangular columns of the same size as the existing ducts so that it seamlessly coexists with the architecture.

The economic information displayed on the LED signage is updated daily in real-time from SPEEDA and NewsPicks provided by Uzabase, and it flows through the ducts along with water, creating an image of information traveling through the city of Marunouchi, one of the centers of the Japanese economy.

In order to mimic the ducts, we simulated the sunlight entering the building over the course of a year and installed illuminance sensors to add shadows to the LED signage images in conjunction with the lighting in the interior space. The color reflections of the staircase are also displayed.








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